Mi 9A – Unbiased Review


The Mi 9A is one of the many excellent mid-budget phones from the Korean company Samsung. As far as the phones are concerned, the Redmi 9A from the rear features a 13-apixel camera with an optical zoom feature and an f/3.5 aperture. It also sports a five-megapixel front camera for selfies with an optical zoom feature. The Redmi 9A is powered by a 1500mAh non-removable mobile battery and runs on Android 8.1. Mi 9A

One of the main selling points of the phone is the camera department, which is what we will take a closer look at in this review. On the Redmi 9A, you get a dual camera setup – one on the regular front-facing camera and another on the backside. The regular camera can be used to shoot video and photos and the back-camera can be used to shoot text. As you would expect, the feature – auto focus works extremely well on this phone. You can easily take clear images even if your subject is moving.

In the video section, the Mi 9A boasts a neat trick. You can set up the video to start automatically. When the time comes, you simply press the red Record button and watch your film unfold. The feature – slow motion playback – works very well, especially when you are recording in low light situations. If you use the slow motion playback feature, you can change the length of the video with the on-screen control dial.

The next best selling point of the Mi 9A is undoubtedly its price. At just Rs 401, it is one of the most affordable phones in India. It is extremely tough and reliable as well, thanks to its advanced technology. You will not find any hardware flaws in the Mi 9A. That is why it is considered to be one of the best phones in the budget segment.

While the Mi 9A comes with a lot of advanced features, it does fall short on some features. One of the biggest shortcomings is that the camera lacks OIS (optical image stabilization). The Mi 9A can capture clear pictures but the quality is often shaky. This flaw is present in some other models too.

One of the best things about the Mi 9A is its unique combination of features. It has all the desired features – easy to use, stylish, efficient and durable. It is also reasonably priced, coming at just a slightly higher price range than its predecessors. What is more, it has an extensive user-list which has yet to include any complaints.

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